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registration and hellos and coffee
9:15 welcome
9:25 plan o'the day

John Fink will wow us
Title: Encouraging small "i" innovation in crap-ass times: An exploration for new and existing librarians (slides up at http://www.slideshare.net/adr/encouraging-small-iinnovation-in-crapass-times-an-exploration-for-new-and-existing-librarians)

10:20 break

Jason Hammond will thrill us (slides up at: http://www.slideshare.net/headtale/blogging-librarian-vs-blogging-library-who-makes-the-best-use-of-emerging-technology-1511813  - sorry for the delay in posting - I went back and enabled all links as well as changing/adding a few minor things - oops and I notice a bunch of things have gone wonky.  I'm going to have to re-upload when I get back to Regina to my own computer I think.  Sorry 'bout that!)

Title: The Main Event: Blogging Librarian vs. Blogging Library - Who Makes The Best Use of Emerging Technology?

11:20 break
11:30 Jessamyn West will inspire us
Title: Now I will inspire you, a series of small threats
12:20 lunch! check here for a map to some good eats.
13:45 Library Camp our hearts out (notes!)
15:00-15:15 coffee!
17:00 tacit-knowledge sharing at a brasserie (aka networking at the pub!)
we'll be heading to 3 Brasseurs, corner of Ste Catherine & McGill College, reservation under amy buckland





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