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Suggest a session for the afternoon

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Notes from the camp.



We will be "unconferencing" the afternoon at the ETIG Library Camp. Use this page to suggest a session or topic you'd like to discuss. If you'd like to present or lead a discussion, add your name next to the topic.


  • Introduce & discuss The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians drafted by John Blyberg, Kathryn Greenhill and Cindi Trainor. Do they make sense for Canadian libraries? Do they promote/support the use of emerging technologies? Are there any gaps?
  • BookCamp will be taking place the following week in Toronto. What are they discussing that we should be, too? http://bookcampto.pbwiki.com/Sessions
  • open source technologies in libraries - drupal/evergreen/wordpress
    • Systems support in an open source world.
  • cloud computing
  • using social networks to get the word out about your library
  • Are we contradicting ourself when librarians use closed/proprietary technologies? (Discussion lead by pmlozeau)
    • Patrick - similar to Dorothea's question here?
    • @Jambina - My personal reflexion started with Twitter vs. Identica. But we could easily extend the discussion to other technologies we use in libraries including databases.
    • Related? - OCLC Policy, Good Night
  • What is the role of Libraries in bridging the Digital Divide in society?
  • Opportunities with Open Data:
  • librarians and digital publishing


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